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Castlevania II : Simon's Quest on Nes USLaunch music

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Castlevania II : Simon's Quest on Nes EurLaunch music

Those who read me for a long time know it: child, I loved adventure games. So the Zelda, Battle of Olympus, Faxanadu and other Simon's Quest particularly marked me. Of those whom I have just mentioned, Castlevania II remains the one I least liked, hence the fact that he is the last to whom I am fighting. By redoing it for my site, I think to see why. The atmosphere of the game is particularly successful, the music a little dark villages, the excellent music of the day and the extremely bizarre but no less impressive Dungeons. I think I had not started this game for 25 years yet they were still in my head. I do not want to say that I remembered them while listening to them but that I remembered them before and that I was able to sing them (or to hear them in my head, the music of the dungeons is not singable). In short, this atmosphere, forest, village, dungeon, ... is the success of the game but the big black spot is the "dungeons". It is also what we were entitled to expect as being the most successful. Somehow, a dungeon should have looked like a level 1. That's what we expected. And I do not talk about bosses ... From 1 to 4 through the 3, the boss is something known, mastered, a hallmark of the series: the grandiose, the original, the main enemies. There, there is in all and for all 3 bosses in all the game. It's ridiculous. To allow yourself to not put a boss on a level is shameful. In addition, they are all 3 missed. Overall, the dungeons are extremely bland in their construction and even their decor are too light. A lack of obvious personality where a screen Castlevania 1 enough to know what level you are. Add to this vicious and uninteresting pitfalls, the "false soil" that will sometimes make you go all the way. In short, do not sulk our pleasure to travel through Transylvania because this part is still very successful for me. There is not so much scenery but it is really immersed in the atmosphere and the bestiary is still very nice even if we still meet a lot of skeleton in the game compared to the rest. Usually, I tell you that the walkthrough spoils the pleasure but not there because it is one of the rare game where I blocked at the time (At the same time, I did not speak English but in any case, it is not so easy to find the clues).

The website / walkthrough of Castlevania 2 - Simon's Quest on Nintendo Entertainment System and Nes mini

This Castlevania II Simon Quest folder contains first and foremost a walkthrough. This one has a very classic format with alternately a page to explain how to reach each palace and the palace in question. In Castlevania 2, we speak of manor. ( Soluce 1 (leading to the Donjon Berkeley ), Soluce 2 (leading to the Dungeon Rover ), Soluce 3 (leading to Donjon Brahms ), Soluce 4 (leading to Donjon Bodley ), Soluce 5 (leading to the Donjon Laruba ), Soluce 6 (leading to the Castlevania ruins ) in this last part, you will fight against Dracula ). In order to evoke a little background, you will also find in this walkthrough a prologue part (a small introduction to the game and some personal notes) an epilogue part (much longer because there are 3 different purposes and the European and Japanese versions are different). In order to help you a maximum, I found a person agreeing that I publish his work and that made a beautiful card on the game. He is credited at the bottom of each page, I invite you to visit "his" site. You will find cards (which are better than my long speeches) for the following mansions: Berkeley house , Rover house , Brahm (Braham) house , Bodley house , Laruba house and Castle vania . Villages are not left out since they are all there to know: City of Jova , City of Veros , City of Aljiba , City of Alba , City of Ondol , City of Doina and Yomi City . To finish on the maps and the walkthrough, you will also find a official map illustration of Nintendo magazines of the time (Game Atlas for example) on which I drew the roads since this map is coherent. I also put links on mansions and villages. The person who made the cards finished his job because she also put everything on a single map as a screenshot . A summary of the whole game in one picture. To have. You will find 3 pages that I like to do in general in my last files to know: A tutorial , an enemy section and an objects topic . The opportunity to add illustrations of the instruction booklet on my site. I wish you a good reading.

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