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This prologue sucks :

Step into the shadows of the hell house. You've arrived back here at Transylvania on business : to destroy forever the curse of the evil count, Dracula.

Instruction booklet tell more :

The second coming of Count Dracula

You're Simon Belmont, bravest of the brave, boldest of the bold, a gothic warrior respected by kings.

You earned your praise, not by crushing Viking invaders or Turkish hordes, but by destroying the evil Count Dracula in a duel to the death at Castlevania. But your victory proved painful, as the wounds inflicted during the duel slowly gnawed at your soul.

One day, though, a beautiful maiden appeared. With a soft voice she warned that you were possessed by the Count's curse. She said your only hope of destroying the curse and healing your scars was to find the five body parts of Count Dracula and burn them all in his Castle, ending forever the reign of the Prince of Darkness.

Suddenly, like most beautiful visions, she began to fade. And as you reached to touch her, she spoke her final words:

"Fear not, brave Simon, for if you have the courage to risk your life, you will find the strength to win again."

Castlevania II - Simon's Quest : Title and Prologue (introduction)
Castlevania II - Simon's Quest : Title and Prologue (introduction)
Castlevania II - Simon's Quest : Title and Prologue (introduction)

Go and see first part of the walkthrough to save the Transylvania in less of five days (to save Simon too).



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