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Kung Fu on nes
Kung Fu on nes Launch music

Already 20 years that this game is out. However, I'm sure that if we put the arcade kiosk in a bar right now, it would be a hit. Excellent handling, big sprites, very simple game but taking. It's true that the hero has only 6 moves, that the game does not last more 10 minutes (if you are very slow), there is only one set and few enemies and yet nothing can be done, Kung Fu is a hit, and sometimes it does not explain. To understand, I think he must try the game because even in 2004, we can find a little I do not know what will make this game stay safe. Can to be that my nostalgia leads me to sublimate the reality or maybe it's true and I hope you'll try the game after this paragraph because it deserves it.
Kung Fu on nes
Kung Fu on nes

Kung Fu website on Nes

Theses Kung-Fu pages on nintendo entertainment system included just a boss description page (as well only methods to defeat them) and a page description of basic enemies (number of points, strategies, ...). However, since I really like this game, I added it an introduction , a "walkthrough" of all levels ( Level 1 , Level 2 , Level 3 , Level 4 , Level 5 ) and a page dedicated to " the epilogue " which does not have one since the "loop" is justified by the end text. I admit that it was above all a matter of being able to put the videos at the bottom of the page. Besides, I also added a small page with some videos .


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Commentaires sur le dossier soluce de Kung Fu

Posté par jimi le 07/08/2013
Salut merci pour les explication jai trouver une super nes dans une grange je lai réparé en regardant un site d un mec je tourne sur super mario bros 3 et KUNG FU evidament je suis accro merci. tchao

Posté par perfectdams le 04/09/2010
Une vieille soluce de mon site pour un vieux jeu de la Nes. J'aime beaucoup ce jeu très arcade mais j'avoue que la solution que j'en ai fait ne me satisfait pas, il faudra que je la refasse avec des images complètes du jeu. Ces découpages sont assez moches.