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Launch music Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge sur Nes : Walkthrough Launch music

Double Dragon II is the Nes game that I finished the most and for a "big player" like me, it's not nothing. I did not have too much beat them all at the time and of course, this game had the advantage of being played cooperatively and therefore playing with and not against pals. So, instead of killing my cousin on a game I knew by heart when he was not a player, we often ended up double dragon 2 - The Revenge. Sprites, rather big, good playability, quite nice and very colorful, it's a game very easy to access in which we can not get banged (game A) and we could end up with anyone (Although I admit it, it was not uncommon for me to take Player 2's controller for Level 7 platform phases (see 6). The game is simple but fun, ends in thirty minutes without ever having time to be bored. Short and varied. When the 1 on nes (exit after) did not propose mode 2 players and that the 3 lose its color and accessibility (one life for a game a little too difficult) and its varied (repetitive and we get bored with only 5 levels), this double dragon 2 is a nugget that few Beat-them-all have managed to match (even on Snes).

Walkthrough of Double Dragon II on Nes Mini

This website does not contain much since Double Dragon II is a Beat them up (beat them all as we were told to say at the time). Despite this, I wanted to "summarize" all levels ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ) and transcribe the prologue and the epilogue from one of my favorite games on this good old Nintendo Entertainment System. As a walkthrough does not help much, I told myself that a tutorial to explain the blows to those who discover the game on Nes mini would not be too much. I also tried to page "enemies" even if it's a little complicated to have some stuff to say and we do not even know their names. And as, I know a trick and a code, I told myself that I would also make a page "tips and codes" even if the plural is really limited ;). Maybe by then I'll have other ideas. Finally, the manual is there. Finally, the link to remember to access this page and will still be active even if I change host: Other well-researched games on Nes Mini: .

Videos of Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge on Nes (mini) and Famicom

As always in recent times, when I remake a game, I record at the same time and made a big video (or more if there are several modes) and separated small level. For double Dragon 2, I made a prologue video, an epilogue and a level for the 3 game modes. First part after at least 15 years in Game B, it's not brilliant (overall, it's not brilliant) but you can see the game again with pleasure I hope.

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Jouez à Double Dragon 2

Button Player 2
Left Num-4
Right Num-6
Up Num-8
Down Num-2
A Num-7
B Num-9
Start Num-1
Select Num-3
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