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Zelda 1 - La soluce (solution complète) de la quête 1 (Zelda I Nes mini)
Launch music Map of Overworld of quest 1 of The Legend Of Zelda Launch music

Before anything else, here is the link to the plan of the outside world Or the same in flash . In the soluce, I would do Often referring to the plan (eg H4 is the "box" of level 1). Moreover, a trick in passing for the fierce battle Zelda fans love to take their boats off the mythical Zelda 1 and H4 is one of them. If you like to know why you are fighting, go to The prologue .

At the beginning of the game, Link does not have a sword. Fortunately, an old man gives you the wooden sword In the cave next door. Once equipped, Link is ready to save the world and can go to H4 where is located the entrance of the 1st dungeon (the palace of the eagle), hidden in a tree.

Bravo, you found the first fragment of the triforce. If the game causes you some problems, go to the available hearts containers . Otherwise, visit At Dungeon 2 (Moon's Palace) located in M4.

You are now in possession of the second piece of the triforce and a fifth heart allowing you to fetch the white sword . Now go look for the blue candle and the Magic shield (It's not an obligation). I also advise you to go for the 3 first hearts As well as the parchment . You can then go to dungeon 3 (Manji palace) located in E8.

First of all, I advise you to go the force bracelet . This allows us to use the 4 secret passages of the outside world. I advise you to take the one that is a box to the left of the bracelet (D3) to go to N2. Go to the heart in P3, the sub in P1 if you have less than 155 (cross the Wall in P2) and the white sword in K1. Try to get 255 rubies (for example at level 2 or by visiting the "win rubies" boxes below the map) and go to E4 Buy the blue ring . Rendezvous now in F6 and take the raft to enter the 4th dungeon , The Serpent Palace, where the blue candle is almost indispensable.

Thanks to the scale obtained in the 5th dungeon, you can go for the Last heart in P6. Going into P7 (just below the heart), buy a wooden arrow , you will be Very useful for the sequel. Then, if you have already bought or picked up all the objects and hearts previously mentioned in this Zelda 1 soluce, go to L2 And climb 4 times (do not worry, you fall back in L2 the first 3 times) to arrive in L1. Here is the entry of the 5th dungeon , the Lizard Palace. You can also go by the small staircase in the top right, I advise you to arrive with at least 100 rubies to buy one Extra bomb in the castle.

To go to the next level, there is no need for anything more but if you have 12 hearts (or more), go take The magic sword in the cemetery (in B3). Make sure you have the magic shield because the opponents will be particularly And difficult to overcome without this precious object. The bow will be completely compulsory for the boss but we will talk about it again. Head to the 6th dungeon , the Dragon Palace, located in the northwest, in C3.

This palace finished, Link will have to go buy a bait which I advise you to take in E4 where it is the cheapest (that's where you bought the blue ring). The 7th dungeon (palace demon) awaits you under the lake located in C5 that will have to empty thanks To the whistle (the flute). If you want to have 4 extra bombs, take 100 rubies with you (with stalfos and ropes, 80 might be enough).

More than a piece of the triforce, you are normally very well equipped and there is only one thing left to do, go get This fragment in the 8th dungeon, the Lion palace. It is in N7, under the tree planted in the middle of the road.

That's it, all the pieces of the triforce are in your possession. Ganon awaits you in his palace. Before you face the final dangers of this quest, equip yourself with a red potion , it can always be used;). Once it is in your possession, go to the mountain of death. 9th and last dungeon .

That's it, the game is over. See The epilogue or go to The solution of the Second quest .



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