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Zelda 1 - La soluce (solution complète) de la quête 2 (Zelda I Nes mini)
Launch music Map of Overworld of quest 2 of The Legend Of Zelda Launch music

Before anything else, here is the link to the plan of the outside world (350 Ko and Very large) or The same in flash (120 KB). In the soluce, I would often Reference to the plane (eg H4 is the "box" of level 1). Moreover, a trick in passing for the fierce naval battle, the Fans of Zelda love to leave their boats of the mythical places of Zelda 1 and H4 is one. This quest is harder than the first, the palaces are better hidden and you can finish some palaces by forgetting keys that Yet serve in the following palaces. It will be necessary to arrive in some palaces with a key (it is specified) but there is no need To buy them during the game.

At the beginning of the second quest, Link has no sword. Fortunately, an old man gives you the wooden sword in the cave next door. Once equipped, Link is ready to save the world and Can go to H4 where is the entry of the 1st dungeon (the palace E), hidden in a tree.

Bravo, you found the first fragment of the triforce. You can if you wish to go to the force bracelet (To cross the woods lost in B7, go to the North, the West, the South and still to the West) as well as the First heart container (top left of the cemetery). Then, go to to dungeon 2 (palace A) located in E4 by having taken if you wish the white sword always located in K1.

Now you have the second piece of the triforce. For the next palace, you will have to buy a bait (in P1, it's the cheapest) . Before going into the underground world, take the heart in K4 and if you want The one in G1 (all thanks to the flute). Enjoy your presence in the mountains to get the letter in B2. You can then go to dungeon 3 (palace L) located in M4 (again, play the whistle) after you have You, want, A red potion.

Before going to Castle 4, I strongly advise you to go a candle (At O6 or O1 for example) which costs 60 rupees. Then, since the shield is not indispensable, you can go to palace 4 (palace D) which is in L2 in the hills lost. You will need 50 rupees To open a door. Try to have 100 rubies more (150 rubies) before going there because an old guy will sell you the possibility of Carry 4 extra bombs which will prove rather useful for the continuation of the game.

Thanks to the raft obtained in the 4th dungeon, you can go for the Fourth heart in P3. Serious things begin with this palace filled with Wizzrobes and red bubbles. For ghosts, buy one magic shield will be very useful (eg in N5 where it is at 90 rupees). Also buy arrows (in P7 if you are in the corner) and a key if you do not have one . Go and take the raft in F6 to reach the 5th dungeon : the Z. The level is quite difficult but quite short, you can eventually go get the blue ring.

To go to the next level, there is no need for anything more but if you have 12 hearts (or more), go take The magic sword in the mountains (in J1). As the dungeon is not the simplest, I Advises all the same to go for the blue ring in P1 in order to have all the objects Of the outside world before you venture into the palace palace 6 (the hat) You will need a key. To remove the tombstone that blocks level 6, you must use the flute.

This palace finished, Link will have to pick up the last heart on the beach to the east (in P6) before going to 7th dungeon (the small spiral) located under a tree of the eastern forest in M7. To burn the tree, it will be necessary to be on the other side of the tree line. To finish this palace, it will be necessary to have at least 50 rupees in Your possession.

More than a piece of the triforce, you are normally very well equipped and there is only one thing left to do, go get A bait then go to the big spiral palace 8th dungeon . It Found in J2, behind the river. So you have to put a bomb on the river and cross the ladder. A very hard palate to find When we have no soluce. I advise you to arrive with a key (it saves a little time) and especially 100 rubies (necessary for Have 4 more bombs).

That's it, all the pieces of the triforce are in your possession. Ganon awaits you in his palace. Before going potion rouge , it can always be used;). Once it is in your possession, go to A1 where you will find: the 9th and last dungeon , the palace Ganon. If you miss objects, go get them, The bait is useless but having lots of bombs and a large shield for example will be very useful.

That's it, the game is over. See The epilogue or go to Zelda 2's walkthrough .



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